Marine & Offshore Medical Services

It is vital for the maritime industry that seafarers and offshore crew are fit to undertake their work without causing risk to their vessels, others at sea or to their own health.

Our dedicated marine medical centre based in Glasgow is run by independent and trusted medical professionals who understand the unique challenges faced by maritime workers and can provide the appropriate occupational health care. Carrying out medicals for shipping crews is a matter of health and safety as it reduces the risk of accidents and serious health risks onboard.

Our MCA approved Doctors provide a realistic assessment of seafarers of all ages and makes them aware of what aspects of their lifestyles they need to change to meet the appropriate standards. Medicals carried out include seafarers ENG1 marine medical and OGUK offshore medical (formerly known as UKOOA medicals). We offer functional capacity evaluations and test individual’s ability to perform tasks.

Our strong relationships with local hospitals allows us not only to carry out medicals and fitness assessments for seafarers inhouse but also to arrange additional tests such as X-rays and heart tests, permitting us to offer a full medical package which can be carried out in less than one day.

Travel and vaccination clinics are a major element of our day to day work and we have highly skilled medical professionals who carry out vaccinations, and can cater for the complete range of requirements.

Bideltoid Measurement Service

Clyde Marine Training are now offering offshore helicopter Bideltoid measurement service.
The new guidelines state that all passengers travelling to North Sea Installations will be required to sit in a seat where the nearest Push-out emergency exit window is compatible with their body size. 
As part of the new regulations, all helicopter passengers will now be measured by the width of their shoulders by specifically-trained trainers and medics. Those with a shoulder width of more than 55.9cm (22”) will be classed as extra broad (XBR), and will have to sit in helicopter seat next a window compatible with their shoulder size. Those with a shoulder width of 55.9cm or less will be classed as regular.
For all other information or to book into our Bideltoid Measurement service call 0141 427 6655. 

Seafarers ENG1 Medical in Glasgow

ENG1 seafarer medicals are the main medical fitness certification for those who work at sea. The marine industry is an industry in which the employees ability to carry out their work in the correct manner is extremely vital for the safety of the entire workforce. For this reason the medicals for seafarers should be carried out on a regular basis and the highest possible standards. An MCA (Maritime and Coastguard Agency) approved Doctor is required to issue the ENG1 certificate after a full medical has taken place.

Our MCA approved Doctor offers ENG1 seafarer medicals which can be carried out to MCA and all other internationally agreed standards, including Norwegian, Liberian and Panamanian. We also provide similar examinations to OGUK (formerly known as UKOOA ) standards for personnel working in the offshore sector.

OGUK Offshore Medicals in Glasgow (formerly known as UKOOA)

Before people can work offshore they will need to pass an offshore medical examination. The OGUK offshore medical is valid for two years and allows crew members to work in the UK sector or the North Sea.

Travel Vaccine Programmes in Glasgow

Work situations within the maritime and offshore industries present employees with potential hazards which can result in ill-health. Our occupational health service covers all aspects of work-related health issues and includes a complete travel vaccine service (including recognised Yellow Fever Centre) as a means of prevention.

To find out more, or to book a medical, please contact us on +44 (0) 141 427 6655

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